Rest assured  my qualms do not lie in cutting down the totem pole  you have perched yourself upon. Your lips are moving and sound escapes them, but I can not absorb the noise long enough to decipher the reguritated language you appear to be formulating, for my eyes have fixated themselves on a hummingbird that has begun his waltz with the leaves of a eucalyptus. I have endured your words before, i have let them beat the drums of my ears, i have absorbed the vibrations and decripted your message, i have found your delivery saturated with a disengenious, unalterable transparency. Forgive me, i can not bear to hear your superficial jargon or the drama which seems to nestle itself into every crevice of your life. Is this journey not too precious to give time to fleeting, transient content? My feet are planted on the asphalt, just as yours seem to be, yet I have traveled far away from you, far beyond the concrete cinema where rights and wrongs have come to accumulate, for I have once again found myself in this field where the law of nature has it’s riegn.  Here, in this eternal space, i proceed to arch my back, spread my arms like wings, fan my fingers, inhale this honest air, all the while allowing it to settle in the back of my throat as the wind emulates the sound of waves contiously crashing beside my ears.
Just as our exsistence precedes our essence, our place of solace and refuge precedes the product derived from our soul.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Something inside of me, where ego and motives do not tread, craves the nourishment of this space that is drenched solely in goodness and beauty, evermoreso than my mind craves the nourshment of water and food for my vessel, for what good is this nourished body if i do not nourish and cultivate that which makes me bleed. I will not allow myself to succumb to a world of dualities, orthodoxies, and dogmas in which i will ardently refuse to adhere labels, i will simply surrender
and let things be as they may.
I will do my best in attempting to breathe life into these words, for they are my only means of sketching the extension of my essence. I wish for you to inhale them as your eyes penetrate these words for in doing so,  you have now begun to penetrate my flesh in standing on the edge of my abyss.  I worry i will not succeed in painting this portrait as untainted and perfect as I see it inside. However, I am at the cusp of breaking and the resistance i bear of shedding this proverbial shell has become so unbearable and the pristine image so haunting, that i am left with no choice  but to use my words in order to paint this picture, else its beauty will continue to torture me.
To be in this space, I will sacrifice that which I normally would not, for the calling inside me has elevated to a bellow and with every breath I inch myself closer to this place of refuge. There is something inside that speaks from where i do not know, but urges me, time and time again, back into this space in which absolutely no sacrfice feels too great. For the air that I breathe when I am here is so utterly pure and clean it fills my lungs so fully that I am able to close my eyes and drift away. In this space, I cease in allowing my mind’s faucet to pour thoughts into my head for their litter inhibits the voice which speaks from within. I can now glide weightless in this space for I am speaking the language of my soul. Unbeknownst to me, I am cultivating my gift and eventually, I will produce the magic that has layn dormant all along. This very magic is an accumulation of those various sacrifices that I have chosen to forgo in order to answer to that which called to me from the very depths of my being. That which I have now come to find myself  creating and allowing to flow outward need not be made sense of with my pre-conditioned mind. For I have now created something outside of myself, from a place inside, much bigger than myself. I will bask in this greatness and bathe in its beauty, for I am now immersed in something true and drenched in everything genuine. 
I am continuously urged back to this brilliant eternal void of a space for reasons I need not try to explain, for the comfort and ease that permeates my vessel’s core is enough for me to return. Here I find peace and experience the beauty of true happiness, from which no ulterior motive or intention is present, for those can only be found in the confines of that concrete cinema. I surrender to all that is and only absorb that which has meaning at all in this life and that is truth and beauty. It is all around me now, I am in its cacoon, and I see myself in everything. This space is where I find peace and amidst this peace I begin to produce that which is now in the form of something concrete. You are now inhaling that which has sat cultivating and expanding inside of me, for the flesh that I have breathed into these words have stripped me of this vessel. This place in which I find refuge is so beautiful and sound, yet at times I am so very afraid to cross into its element for I know not what I may unveil from these depths. Light has now shed itself onto truths that I was not yet prepared to be exposed to.  I am not ready to see exactly what I may find, for oft times I feel my small, cloistered mind can not make sense of this eternal, massive place in which I must surrender and simply feel.  Yet, the calling has reached its debilitating and deafening pinnacle, in which I know I must return, and ultimately with every fiber of my being, i am brought back. What if I can not portray and paint that which I feel and breathe as long as my heart is beating and my blood is pumping to the veins that keep me coming back to this space? Regardless of how long a hiatus I have taken, at the center of it all, I know that only here i can experience an electricity which seems to penetrate my flesh from the inside and only here can the pulse from my temples be felt.  
The intimacy of this space is astounding, for in order to create what my soul is made up of, and to experience that which i feel most alive doing, I mustn’t be afraid to entirely immerse myself into the very depths of my being. That magic that has been produced from this effervescent devotion has come from a place in which all reported miracles are given to the chance to grow.

Fair Warning

These thoughts, these images, have bombarded my mind, there comes a time after a lengthy hiatus when I must stop everything that I am doing,  sit alone with all that I consist of in that point in time, and formulate letters into bloomed creations. If I insist on ignoring the incessant pulse that vibrates in my every crevice, my thoughts eventually find themselves at the base of my throat in which they lay marinating and nagging, often times I hope they will simply dissolve and dissipate but instead they grow larger and the thoughts in my head, louder.

Ah, give me suffering, give me despair, give me a glimpse into the wayfarer’s life, for the more pain I seem to endure, the more I find myself, each time I long to barricade and breakthrough this mirrored surface…i must climb to reach it and shatter my essence only to find I am once again at a bottom and embarking on an entirely new journey, knowing more hardships will surely be endured. My only reassurance being that I now adorn the armor and scars from my past adventures, I am wiser and more confident and with each foot I lay firmly in front of the other I do so with conviction and intent.

  Do not give me a life of complacency and ease, I refuse to use your polished silverware to devour this feast in which I do not know from where it may come and what steps were taken in order for it to end up on this porcelain plate.   I will not succumb to fit into this replicated regurgitated mold that you have created for me, for it is enticingly glistening with an ulterior motive.

 I will gladly trudge my way through this life in agonizing mud than skate across a newly polished surface unscathed. Do not patronize me with your fruitless, transparent words empty promises and dazzling distractions. I will only tread the path that I feel is right at the time; I may stumble, feel confused,  conflicted and lost but at least I will be staying true to that which makes me different from the heard of bleating sheep.

I can not bring myself to read what you have the audacity to write or listen to what you have the audacity to utter from your pursed, ignorant lips. No, let me roam free among these fields, unrestricted and alone, do not try and clutch my palm in yours, it will merely leave mine sweaty and cold.  What lingers after I break free from your stifling grasp is far worse, for the residue that resides on my flesh is one that permeates your existence in that your only intention is for me to succumb to a life of complacency and order.

Cease in presenting me with your quick fixes adorned in shimmering little packages. I will not give you and your propaganda any energy, I will not separate my lips for an even an instant; stripping you the opportunity to shovel your lies and false reality down my throat, my images and words have occupied this place, therefore there is no room for your superficial transient jargon. My ears are not attentive to anything that comes from your sad abyss, so cease in attempting to flirt and tease my senses.

 I wish I could sit, be content and not feel as though I would be selling my soul to live this cloistered life, undisturbed and obsequious. Yet, I have attempted it and to me that  life of structure is unbearable and one cloaked in sheer darkness.

Give me suffering, give me pain, give me solitude, give me a questioning, suspicious mind to analyze and filter whatever it is that passes through my ears. Give me what you perceive as darkness, I will gladly welcome it with open arms, I will not shy away from fear of the unknown, I will not abide and infiltrate myself into your system for it is not one that my soul can thrive in.  Give me darkness and you will see I will bask in its waters and without searching, I will  open my eyes wide, plant my feet into your ground and undoubtedly find my way out, do not impede on my path. I will trust what I have been given, I will follow my will, my instinct, my effervescent quest for love and passion and truth and beauty and though my path may be confusing and troubled at times, I will find myself out of those dark places, regardless of how long Ive been immersed.

Without suffering we would not be able to recognize joy. There must be vast darkness in order for us to appreciate and feel light. Everything is two-sided and possesses a duality. Everything carries a darkness accompanied by a blinding light. There is no sense in denying our darkness, suppressing it, and being ashamed of it. We must be aware of the darkness that each of us possesses and acknowledge it, bring light to it and accept it. When we feel a wave of unpleasant emotions or recognize tainted thoughts, we must cradle them, not shy away from them

Once I begin to formulate my thoughts into words and splatter them into fruition, it feels as if a faucet has turned on inside of my being and I can not stop writing until my proverbial well is all dried up. I can feel these thoughts penetrate my every pore and there they linger until I rid myself of them.

I have thoughts in my head and they transform themselves into images…there are so many images. The thoughts settle in my throat and they push and quarrel with each other for they long to surface in some way, though I can not express them to you through my reluctant, apprehensive lips. Let me sit down and filter through them so as to  configure these potential words into something greater than just that.  I must insist on evolving these images into hieroglyphics so as to present you with my  portrait, for only now may you grasp all that I am and all that consumes me. I know not from where these thoughts come, for I hold the universe in my soul.

Often times, through waves of darkness, it seems as though the authors of  books that I unswervingly gravitate towards and the characters they have manifested become more of a reality than the flesh and blood that stands before me. I feel as though I can relate to these characters, feel the pain and strife and breakthroughs that these authors once felt in writing these stories, for they came from their heart, spoke from truth and with conviction. Works that stem from  such pure authenticity, regardless of the pain or hardships from which they came, are always saturated with beauty, for they speak the language of the soul, one that is dripping with honesty and purity. When a work of art comes from a background so untainted and guileless, it is hard not to find yourself intrenched in your brother. Your work, your words, they feel like home to me. I am bathing in your beauty, you see?

We all share similar experiences, but every emotion we endure is completely in solitude. We endure pain and we experience blinding happiness, but always in solitude. Though similar, it will forever be utterly foreign to that of our neighbors.


Just as nature establishes growth and renewal, so shall my thoughts. Release and let go, for if I hold on and continue to attach myself to something of transient and fleeting content, then I will undoubtedly experience a deep internal struggle. Inevitably, I then develop a sense of duality in which I persist on clinging to something of which I have no control and by doing so I am ignoring my  innate instinctive attributes.

I must commit to an unwavering stance in the face and presence of all that I wish to continue to  clutch, because right now, I am at battle with what I am versus what nature has intended. In this limbo like state of hesitancy and self doubt I stand, face to face, with my own self…I struggle, I fight, I do not realize that I bleed with internal light. My ego has fastened itself to that which I believe I can not live without.

I am unquestionably allowing this attachment to deplete me of the energy that I should be using toward new, soul-captivating unveilings. I stand here with my feet implanted in what was once the consistency of mud and has now turned to that of concrete. I must release myself from myself, I must detach. In the process, I will chisel my way out from this solid mass, molding a new image in which a revelation appears. I will discard of the broken sentiment and put on a shelf my new vision and creation resulting solely from the depths of my individual being.

At the first glimpse of vulnerability springs an intuitive voice in which only I hold the power to decipher. This instinctive calling should be the most precedent and highly praised portion of my own self. I must recognize, acknowledge and transform my unconscious self into pure consciousness and awareness. I do not judge it, myself or others involved, but simply acknowledge its presence like I do to any material object that presents itself to me in nature. Nature does not attach itself to anything, it is forever changing, growing, evolving, just as I should in comparison with my thoughts and events that effect me directly, daily.

I am either the creator or the inhibitor of the path that I am predestined to tread.

I struggle with the enormity in which a lack of freedom encompasses. To me, the idea of freedom is just that, an idea, where in reality we are all just robotic shells working for those who dictate every aspect of our complacent, unquestioning, ritualistic existences. I am torn. I know not where I stand. Often times I feel detached, solitary, cynical, and confused. In dark times I am desperate to disassemble the truth and clarity of the situation, but I need not forget that in order for the truth to reveal itself to me, I simply must release my grip on the situation.

In the process of letting go of my debilitating attachment, I feel as if the very air in which I breath has become too thick to inhale. It feels as though I no longer possess the strength to take even one single step in a direction opposite of that which is holding me back, but I must not forget that I only need to take but one step at a time. Acknowledging and hearing the proverbial impact of each foot as it makes contact against the pavement  is one step closer to my freedom and one step farther from captivity. My dimmest nights hold my most effervescent dawns even when the cloak of darkness devours every crevice of my being, for that is when the dawn shines with the most blinding light. My heart may guide me to uncharted territories, but will always cease in guiding me astray, however, clutching on to that which I should have released from my grasp long ago, will inevitably impede upon and obstruct the very path that will embody a truth of which only I can encapsulate or embody.

“I don’t argue or enter into debates, because the issue here is exactly what you would bring to the debate, which is the wealth of erroneous information that allowed our situation to become as dire as it is in the first place. Your argument would consist of phony statistics, historical fables, the newspaper’s latest lies, and profit-driven ‘science.’ My argument is simple. Discover who controls everything you’ve been told, only believe what you can verify for yourself through original documentation, science and logic, and then look for a political connection between the sources of all the erroneous information. Find the motives behind the lies. If you did that, there would be no debate, and we would all agree on whose head should roll, as the saying goes.”

     -Jolly Roger

Our Age…

 ” Our age is retrospective. It writes bibliographies, histories and criticism. The foregoing generations beheld God and nature face to face; we thru their eyes. Why should not we also enjoy an original relation to the universe? Why should we not have a poetry and philosophy of insight and not of tradition and a religion by revelation to us, and not the history of theirs? Floods of life stream around and thru us. Why should we grope among the dry bones of the past or put the living generation into masquerade out of its faded wardrobe? The sun shines today also. There are new lands, new men, new thoughts. Let us demand our own works and laws and worship. We must trust the perfection of creation so far, as to believe that whatever curiosity the order of things has awakened our minds, the order of things can satisfy. All science has one aim, namely, to find a theory of nature. We have theories of races and of functions, but a remote approach to an idea of creation. We are now so far from the road of truth, that religious teachers dispute and hate eachother, and speculative men are unsound and frivolous.”

This is absolutely stunning…


For most of my life, all I have ever known, or associated myself with, has been competing as a professional athlete. I developed a legion of life skills that I can undoubtably attribute to this exciting career.  My determination, dedication, perseverance, passion and drive all were showcased and debuted when I was competing as an athlete and I have taken those and many more attributes with me as my life continues to progress.
However, at the end of my career as a triathlete, contemplating retirement at the ripe age of 25, I could no longer ignore the feeling inside of me that craved more. There was this inexplicable longing, this urge, this persistent feeling at the very core of my being, that ultimately caused me to make the terrifying decision of retiring from something that I had labeled myself as being for so long.
As I grew older into my twenties I could no longer resist that feeling inside of me that ultimately, any amphitheater or booming loud speaker would have seemed mute in comparison. My curiosity and inquisitiveness about the world and people around me sparked something great inside of me and it was then i realized it was time for me to move on. I had to come to the realization that sports were a part of my life, yes, but they are not who I am and consequently, my journey into myself was nothing short of astounding.
My passion and curiosity for life brought me to a place where the process of self-discovery began. I would sit down and contemplate what it was I truly loved and what I envisioned myself doing after athletics and nothing spoke so strongly to me than being able to work with children in some capacity. I love the raw, genuine truth that children possess, the passion for creativity and their astounding free spirits. I began working with children in the pool because swimming is still such a passion of mine and it gave me so many wonderful memories. I developed fantastic relationships with the children as well as the families that I worked with and after experiencing the utter joy that I received as well as seeing the genuine enjoyment of the children I worked with, I was hooked. I absolutely knew from that moment on that I would work with children.
Also, when I retired from sports I found myself extremely interested and passionate about everything to do with Transcendentalism as well as reading endless books on everything pertaining to Eastern Religion. The philosophy and that way of life resonated so deeply inside of me. It seemed I had found this gem and beauty that I didn’t even know existed. Reading about Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, and Confucianism sparked a fire in me and it seemed as though I could never possibly get to the point of discovering too much. That discovery of religion eventually led me to the unveiling of philosophers and the transcendentalists of the 1800s. I was astounded, completely transfixed, elated with joy at the readings of these incredible writers. I had discovered something that resonated so deeply inside of me, a place that I didn’t even know existed until I tapped into it.
  I then delved into Emerson, Thoreau, Plato, Socrates, Goethe, and Nietzsche. I read every moment that I possibly could, I was immersed in their works, absorbing the information and philosophy that resonated somewhere within me, often times rereading paragraph after paragraph while in complete awe at the awakening that I began to feel. I thrived after those those aha! moments. It was as if I was entering another world that I had never been exposed to and I could feel myself growing, exponentially. I  would read an essay as powerful as Emerson’s “Compensation” and would have an urge to get on a loud speaker and regurgitate everything that I had just read. Such profound and powerful pieces became addicting. I began writing again, just as I had before the labors of school and athletics had infiltrated themselves into my life and took up much of my time. Now I had the time to creatively express myself via the outlet of writing in which everything stemmed from my own truth and resonated from the most vulnerable place inside of me, everything I had been keeping in for so long was being poured through my thoughts onto paper. I so strongly believe that expressing oneself creatively is nothing short of liberating and completely necessary in finding yourself. When I write, I exude everything that I am, what I believe in, what I am going through at that time in my life; painting an illusory image of what it is that I am trying to express and put into fruition and exploring those portals of self-discovery that were once clouded with the frivolous distractions of everyday living. With that said, I believe it is so paramount that children are encouraged to express themselves creatively in any way they feel they can best be heard or showcase whatever it is that they feel inside of them. To enjoy learning, to love coming to school, and discovering who they are so they can become the very best and most genuinely happy adults because they are doing what they love is by far the most important aspect for generations to come. That knowledge of self, the wisdom that comes from knowing exactly who you are and embracing every bit of it is what makes for a wonderful society and I would love nothing more than to be a part of something as monumental as being a part of The Waldorf Schools. I believe in the system, the curriculum, the philosophy and the people behind it and I would be honored to be a contributor to such a wonderful program for it is a way of life, not merely a school that is attended.

Let us…in truth

Let us be devoured by that which speaks true to who we are…at the core of our being…the very seed in which our soul stems. Let us sit, alone, and ponder what creative expression we long to use to convey who it is we are, what we think, what we want. That spark of madness, that ray of peculiarity that makes us unique. Not a hybrid of our neighbor, but that which exudes an individuality that is all our own.

Let us discover what brands us, that something which silently speaks from the stillness inside. Let us bypass those littered thoughts which we have conjured up in our heads, because in there we have merely perfected the art of distorting and remolding. So, sit, in silence, and listen to the most important person in your life. What do you hear, what do you see. In you, you have dominion over a kaleidoscope of visions which hold the power to increase the beat of your heart and enable your ears to tune in with pristine accuracy. It creates this sense of awareness where you possess the ability to feel the blood flowing through your veins, even if it be for but a fraction of a second.

We were placed here, in this environment, on this planet, in which we must admit that we truly know nothing and that everyday is but a false sense of reality. We are here to pursue that which makes the pulse in our temples be felt, that which produces salty pools in the ducts of our eyes. The elation, the passion, that sense of relief we get from expressing ourselves through the portal of this creative outlet, is the gift that each of us have been given and this is but the very reason for our existence.

The creative outlets that we long to express ourselves with, the way that we can best showcase who we are at the core of our being, are clouded. They are masked. A sheer veil is lain over these attributes that make us unique from those of our neighbor. New external distractions, politics, superfluous ego inflating materials, fictional dramas made to create a sense of reality, a false reality, now occupy our hours, our precious hours. We push aside that which makes us unique. We forego what once caused us such great release, something so very true to who we are, for fleeting superfluous things; our ego expands while our compassion and gratitude diminishes. Our priorities: the things that are truly crucial to the caliber and quality of life, have become misconstrued in the madness and chaos that we have created.

What are you comprised of at the core of your being? As we find ourselves at the base of this narrow tunnel and cautiously peer inside, we observe that the darkness appears thick while it climbs up and coats the barren walls. Let us gradually step into what appears to be some desolate horizontal abyss. Let us step, alone, into this seemingly frightening fortress, for our rusty intuition is urging us onward. If we remain attentive to this powerfully foreign birth of a feeling while shielding the external that compromises our passions, then we shall find it within ourselves to proceed. We take yet another step. Another step. You have now found yourself among enemy lines in which your greatest fears stand bold and stoic. As you face them, with an unwavering and Spartan-like presence,you realize that everything which once seemed so powerful and threatening have become weak and you will observe their demise as they begin to shrivel and dissipate.

Disregard what others may think, pursue what drives you and allow yourself to express everything that IS you. Nothing great can be accomplished without a deep, enthusiastic genuine desire; all of which stems from a love that can never be explained. So, do what you love and you will be remembered. If something is created from the most genuine and honest part of your being, that creation will resonate, will be recognized, will expand, will carry itself all on its own and will impact society for the better.

As humans, at the very center of our beings, our souls, we are good. We are compassionate, empathetic, and stronger than our minds could possibly fathom, which presumably stems from the fear of acknowledging what we are truly capable of. Let us unwaveringly step foot into the unknown, into this perceived darkness because when we are finally immersed in all it’s glory, we will find it is no longer dark. The colors are brighter than even our dreams could paint. The sounds so clear, the air so crisp. We are drawn to that which we love…so look around you in awareness, with widened eyes and acute ears. We are enveloped in signs, if we would only just take the time pause and look. Nothing is more important than listening to your self, your true self. Discover what promotes you to flourish, to prosper, to grow. Nothing is more important than this self discovery. No amount of literature, of studying, of congregations, of preachings, of research, can tell you who you are, it is something to be experienced. Read something that strikes a cord in you and perhaps you will be awakened to a light that only you hold the match. Take bits of ideas, of philosophies, ones you feel you can relate to and make them your own. Do not believe something simply because your elder told you to do so, but simply abide by what only you feel resonates deep within you, grasp hold of it, and live by it.

Breath deeply and you will live a life worth living. Be aware of your surroundings, of nature, of your neighbor, because ultimately, past the fisad, past the barriers of the ego, past the materials that we create our identities with, and past our insecurities…we are all one. If everyone did what they truly loved, without a false motive for anything of grandeur, if we put our hearts and souls into what it is that we were placed on this earth for, if we took the time to look inside, plowed through the pain that self discovery may induce, then we shall inevitably come to find ourselves on the other side of that proverbial tunnel ready and willing to embrace all that is life. Let us embrace ourselves and therefore embrace our neighbor.

There are no fewer great men in the world today than when Michelangelo, Plato, Socrates, Emerson, Thoreau, Shakespeare or Einstein existed…but the external, superfulous, gluttonous attributes that we choose to comprise our lives with, are barricading what we were placed on this earth to do. Let us be content and happy with what we have, let us not strive for the fleeting materials, but instead let us find our passions and put them into fruition. This should come first above all else. Yet, this philosophy has turned itself upside down, our priorities have shifted and now, it is that we do not have time for that which allows us to showcase ourselves in the most accurate way. We have become swept up in the wanting and the getting and the greed, but that cycle is never ending, it will continue as long as we allow it to, and it will never be enough. Pave your own path and if it is one made from truth, then stones will be lain preceding your next step, your trail will undoubtedly will be noticed and others will take it upon themselves to create their own.


My mind attempts to interpret what my heart longs to say, but no such translation could ever do it justice.

Let us plagiarize words of virtue into the actions that make up our days….let them infiltrate and consume us.  Let us simplify our existence, lasso our chaotic thoughts and pursue that which drives us. And so, let us cast aside all doubt and judgments of both internal and external means and live a life of truth that  creates an echo in every act we commit from the most honest and serene place in ourselves.

Let us embody that of a running stream, flowing with the current, colliding, yet continuing on past every obstruction in the land that it passes through. Let us refuse to dodge and avoid that which obstructs of our path…let us not deviate, but instead let us barrell through to the other side w/ a courage and tenacity that we all possess.

Let us omit those frivolous and energy absorbing dramas, zoom out on the lens of life and gain a larger perspective of what is truly important.
Let us stand tall and unwavering in the face of all judgments and projections we place on others….for those are the flaws that we possess. Let us be captivated and devoured by poets, artists, in all creativity which comes from the heart… that honestly express that which consumes them and let us relate…let them mirror that which we possess as well.

Let us dive head first into those works and evaluate that which rings true to who we are. Let us analyze and interpret, and from this let us believe and live by what it is that we have chosen for ourselves, what we feel resonates within our own individual  selves without the aid of generations instilling in us what they believe should hold true and be our beliefs as well.
Our minds insist on understanding and defining this world in which we live, but cease to succeed in doing so, therefore let us resist in trying to define, dissect and label…instead let us simply pursue with a fierce determination that uniqueness that we each possess.

Let us unclutter our minds, let the ripples of our thoughts settle into calm, and let the nature of our souls speak first, then let those thoughts created from our innermost being be put into fruition…let us act…let us paint the world with what we see inside of us…let that speak for itself..let us silence the sounds that pour out of our mouths and instead introduce ourselves thru the outlets of creativity which makes up who we are.

Let us unveil and expose each time, who we are, without a glimpse of hesitation after we have gone on an expedition inside of ourselves. Let us plow through those dark tunnels, those tidal waves of emotion, of realization… and see the clarity that exists on the other side. Let us not turn a cheek to those events that seem most terrifying and uncertain for those are the times we find out who we are most. Only until we have left the comforts and complacency of our thoughts, do we delve into how powerful we truly are. Let us have faith in the process. Let us walk through this shrouded, cluttered forest and with every obstacle, let us not attempt to avoid it, but consciously conquer it, to be aware of every of strike of the our own proverbial machete, and continue on our self made journey.