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I am a vivacious 26 year old powerhouse who often times feels as though I am playing a perpetual, recurring role in a spinoff of a modern day Seinfeld. I can only chalk up my everyday experiences to ones that I must manifest and attract, ones that entice others to say "that would happen to you." I am a one woman festival with daily coming attractions. I am a recently retired professional athlete, first a swimmer, secondly a triathlete. I threw in the proverbial "torture" towel and decided to embark on a life of excitement and experience...sucking the marrow out of each encounter. In the midst of it all, I take each adventure for what it is, chalk it up to another lesson learned and move on to the next test. I possess a ravenous appetite for everything Transcendental and believe its possible that in a past life, I was deeply in love and enamored with Ralph Waldo Emerson while having an affair with Thoreau and confiding in my best friend Margaret Fuller.

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